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OWS Auto Music + Youtube Video Grabber Blog Documentation

OWS Auto Blog Documentation

Getting Started

What is OWS Auto Blog?

A simple and also the Best Plugin for WordPress websites when it comes to posting albums, tracks, and grabbing from RSS feeds without leaving a trace of the original poster or link back (credits) eg: The post title appeared first on website name...

Compatible With

  • any hosting plan (Shared*, Dedicated, VPS, etc.)
  • cPanel, Apache, Nginx, Plesk, Webuzo, Aapanel (, ZPanel, VestaCP, Sentora, Froxlor or ServerPilot.
  • FFmpeg only for Voice tag.


  • Auto Post from RSS feed and it tags the mp3 to your website with your music artwork (music cover), with unique content without credit to the original posters, it uses your default post content in feed settings or random post content (You can configure either random post or default post via settings), it automatically sets tags, category, and author according to the settings in OWS Auto Blog (Feed Settings), eg: let us say the title is "Drake - Gods Plan", it will set Drake as the tag from RSS feed, or if the title is "Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life ft. Drake", it will set Nicki Minaj and Drake as the tag for that post, it the feed does not include an image for that post, not an issue OWS Auto Blog will auto get the image from Google and include in the post before publishing, if the feed does not contain a valid mp3 file, OWS Auto Blog will not publish that post it will skip it and post others that are valid so you don't have posts without download links.

  • Automatically link to your posts, tags, categories, and you can also no-follow links in just a click.

  • No Duplicate posting

  • Easy Upload Songs (Very very easy you can even post 1k posts daily using OWS Auto Blog)

  • Auto adds voice tag in mp3 files (jingle), by default it's off in the settings, with just a click and you can turn that on.

  • it auto add your website music cover in mp3 files before uploading them.

  • it auto checks the image URL to avoid bad images or corrupt images to upload into your website, posts with corrupt images or invalid images will not be posted into your website when using the RSS feed to make posts.

  • Auto adds the music artist, title, genre, album name, release year.

  • You add an album and add all the tracks with just the title and mp3 while OWS Auto Blog creates the post from ur post content in settings, or random if you choose the random option in the settings area or custom content, after posting the album it will auto get the artist name, album name, and album image. so when posting you don't have to include that again just title, mp3 link and you are good to go.

  • Auto search Google for the image if you don't have the image just leave the image area empty OWS Auto Blog will get the image for you from Google, it searches google with the post title and get the real image and include it in your post.

  • Automatically create a Tracklist after you post the album, this is how it works, now I made an album titled Scorpion after posting the album, it will take me to edit the album, there I will see "Add songs to Scorpion" when I click that and add the track or tracks OWS saves it, and when I am done posting all the tracks I will now visit the edit album back and click on "Post Scorpion" after that OWS will create the tracklist and auto Zip the mp3 files as an album using an SEO friendly link for it eg

  • it also sets alt tags, An alt tag, also known as "alt attribute" and "alt description," which boost your website ranking also, OWS Auto Blog auto sets that for you.

  • Auto rename images and Mp3 files eg: let's say the website you got the image from named it '189991919.jpg' not SEO friendly, OWS Auto blog now will rename that image to your post title eg: Drake-Gods-Plan.jpg using SEO friendly URL.

  • Autorun RSS feed according to Feed Settings eg: Once Per Minute (every 1min), Once Per Five Minutes (every 5min), Twice Per Hour (every 30mins), Once Per Hour (every 1hour), Once Per Day (every 24hours), and you can also add your email address to get notified each time OWS Auto Blog makes a new post from a feed, or leave empty.

  • Unlimited RSS Feed with no limit, enjoy.

  • You can also use custom post content while posting a track if you don't want to use your default post settings or random post contents.

  • It also allows you to set a category for each feed which means you can grab from a Hip Hop website and set the category to Hip Hop Music, etc.

  • supports Image Size, Image Align, custom Albums Folder, Music Folder, Voice Tag (Jingle), music cover, Voice Control, Random Content, and many more.

  • SEO Friendly content, via settings

  • Clean codes safe from attacks, SQL injection, or Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

  • Only login WordPress users can access OWS Auto Blog, eg authors, and admins only, but authors can't access the settings area for security reasons only admins can access that area.

  • And many more features.

  • You can also filter the posts title from RSS Feeds Eg: MP3: MP3 Download, Music:.

  • Auto Grab videos from YouTube and Upload on your website as a post with your selected content, default or random post content, requires an RSS feed to work eg, etc that's how an RSS feed looks like, OWS Auto blog will get the title and image from the feed website and then scan Youtube for the video link and include in your post, and auto-set tags eg: Video: Drake - Gods Plan the tag will then be Drake, and OWS auto blog will set the video category according to what you provided in the settings pages.

Voice Tag Features

  • Song beginning only,
  • Song beginning and close to the ending,
  • Song beginning , middle and ending,
  • Song middle only,
  • Custom eg: add after 30 secs,
  • Custom eg: add after 30 secs and 60 secs.

Auto Video Blogging Features

  • All you need to blog a video online 😀
  • One-click add hundreds of videos in less than 2mins
  • Auto Scan for new videos every minute, every 5 minutes, twice per hour, once per hour, once per day.
  • Auto include the original YouTube video link in your posts
  • One-click set content for video posting
  • To be honest, the features are too much, I can't even list them all... 😂😂

OWS Auto Blog Includes 

  • Auto Music blogging
  • Auto Zip songs for the album
  • Voice Tag
  • Auto Video Blogging
  • Add music (very easy)
  • One-click add tracks to an album
  • You can filter title and removed unwanted words
  • Unlimited usage
  • You can assign any author or admin to feed posting
  • You can set the preferred category for each feed
  • You set time for adding new posts
  • One-click add default music cover or voice tag (jingle)
  • You can use Random posts
  • Voice Control

and many more... 


  • Unzip OWS Auto Blog
  • Visit your domain eg:, you don't have to do anything just run the URL while OWS Auto takes care of that.
  • Install the OWS Plugin and enjoy awesome SEO ranking, eg auto-link to your tags, category, posts, pages. let's say you made a post about Drake and tagged Drake but forget to link to Drake, OWS Auto blog will auto-link to Drake.
  • That all about installing very easy no much work than just unzipping the zip file.


  • How to Unzip file?

you can check

  • If a feed contains an invalid image or invalid mp3 files what will happen?

When OWS Auto Blog runs the RSS Feeds you provided, it will auto scan feeds and check each post if it has a valid image or mp3, if it does not contain a valid image, OWS Auto Blog will not publish the song or post.

  • How do I set music cover or Voice Tag (Jingle)?

Visit settings in the OWS Auto Blog Dashboard and there you can find it, and upload your music cover that is all, the same thing applies to jingle.

How do I contact the author?

How many sites can I use OWS Auto Blog on?

You can make use of OWS Auto Blog on all your websites without limit.


Software Support

Stuff you might like to know about OWS products support:

  1. 100% Free support for life!
    • Ask me a question, and I'll answer it!
    • Working directly on your server is not free.
  2. Regular updates/fixes to the OWS Auto Blog are Free!
  3. See The FAQ for ways to troubleshoot common issues.
  4. Human support for this plugin is provided via:
    • Email:
    • Phone / WhatsApp: +1 669 777 5337
    • Skype: live:c3d306858fbf35e4

Demo Login

Login url:
Username: OWSCodes
Dashboard URL:

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